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Texas Wildlife

Bill Wiman (1940-) “TEXAS WILDLIFE”
Signed “Wiman” lower right,
titled and dated '1977' verso,
oil on canvas 75 x 85 inches.



Bill Wiman“Each image is objectively rendered, in that I mean the sense of touch is just beyond your reach. My brush strokes are invisible, color and value translations are subtle, and forms do not loose their sense of mass, weight, volume, nor ‘presence’. The dichotomies of hard and soft forms are not a glaring hardedge reality but a soft-focus photorealism that is deceptively sensual to the eye. I call my work ‘Natural Texas Realism’ because I draw not only upon everyday imagery, but also upon images native to my western territory. The juxtaposing of these images within a composition is, for me, a natural extension of my contemporary world. Consequently, there is no specific point in time… past and present paradoxically exist in their own time spectrum.”

-Bill Wiman