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Roman Mosaic


Flavius ValentinianusFlavius Valentinianus, known in English as Valentinian I, (321 - November 17, 375) was Roman Emperor from 364 until his death. Valentinian is often referred to as the "last great western emperor". He was born at Cibalae, in Pannonia, the son of a successful general, Gratian the Elder.





Valentinian I , as Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, reigned from February 26 to March 28, 364 as sole emperor and then until November 17, 375 as emperor of the west, with a brother emperor in the east. Valentinian is often referred to as the "last great western emperor".

As an officer, he served under the emperors Julian and Jovian and rose high in the imperial service. Because he possessed great courage and military expertise, he was chosen emperor at 43 by the officers of the army at Nicaea in Bithynia on February 26, 364, and shortly afterwards named his brother Valens colleague with him in the empire.

Valentinian's chief work was guarding the frontiers and establishing military positions. He was an able soldier and a conscientious administrator who took an interest in the welfare of the humbler classes, from which his father had risen. He was a founder of schools and provided medical attendance for the poor of Rome, by appointing a physician for each of the fourteen districts of the city. He instituted a rebuilding program which included bathhouses, decorated with intricate and realistic mosaics.

Valentinian suffered a burst blood vessel in the skull while angrily yelling at the people gathered to hear one of his speeches. This injury resulted in his death on November 17, 375.

This mosaic was part of this period.